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       Don't you love the emotions you experience with photography.  From the tears at the wedding to the laugh from a child.  I hope my work will allow you to share in my subject's moment.   Some were reflecting on their journey from high school into a new chapter...and others were just having fun!  If you want to know why you should work with on the about button.  If you are here for the art, enjoy.

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Ever walk by a photo and just have to stop and stare? Ever been the person in that photo? Exciting, isn't it? My joy comes from capturing emotion--the allure, the playfulness, the serious gaze, the wonder of the moment. Perhaps it is the way the light falls on the smile of a sleeping baby...perhaps it is that familiar face of your grandmother or the twinkle in your lovers eyes...perhaps it is the time taken to understand what is really needed in the process. Whatever 'it' is, the emotion is real and that image is priceless!

I have been photographing people and products for most of my life.  This last year was spent training with the PPA to attain my Certified Professional Photographer degree.  My undergraduate training was at University of Richmond and my post graduate has included studies in DC, NY, and with the Professional Photographers of America throughout the United States.  Those many years have given me the experience you need.  


I am often told to use my professional judgment.  I am a Certified Professional Photographer with the PPA-- licensed and insured in Virginia.  I also have the knowledge to make suggestions and fulfill your dreams. Let me help you with your dreams--to be that beautiful bride, that interesting actor, to capture that something others want to see. We have theatrical and new baby packages, wedding and senior packages as well as the business and family portrait sessions. Call us or stop by and ask questions. I would love the opportunity to work with you--as we capture your emotions...your memories.

Certified Professional Photographer

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