What to keep

September 19, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I've just been reminded of classics, one-of-a-kinds, and those quirky originals.  As an artist, I am trying to fulfill my desire to create and serve.  Yes, I do care to make people happy.  So, what happens when I am asked to create an image that I don't believe in?  It might make the person happy in the moment but next year?  As a photographer, will my image stand the test of time? I'm sure that one day after I'm gone, my weird art will sell for millions--and my children will thank you.  But as my current client, I will try to give you something original, fun, and unique: but please let me give you a classic shot as well.  It may sound old fashioned but sometimes a simple image is the best.  


And think about the images we are creating.  Do you wish to inspire a client or a lover?   Will this be a gift for your grandmother at Christmas or a family room near the pool table.  We are more than a simple equation and we deserve to have the option to demonstrate that in our photos!  Oh and one more thing, we offer our images in video, internet, disc, smart phone, email, metal, canvas, book, and print.  But I still like the way people smile when they can touch my image in their hands.  They are timeless even if the "net" is down.






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