I have a new camera--am I a professional?

November 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


After attending a local bridal show, A beautiful bride came to my studio to ask a question. Her question...do you offer books and prints?? She was frustrated that many new "Pros" are offering to charge her, shoot her wedding, and graciously give/sell her a disc with images! Her response was, "your are the 'Pro,' shouldn't you be doing the work to refine, retouch, and order me a quality book that will last? I am also not a seamstress or designer. My dress maker is putting the material together for a finished product. What am I going to do with a DVD and 3000-9000 images???" I assured her we love our printed work and that Books and Wall art are a big part of all our packages. If you sell yourself as the craftsman you are, your clients will expect the products and service you provide.



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