Studio C Photography Culpeper, Virginia: Blog en-us (C) Timothy Carlson, CPP (Studio C Photography Culpeper, Virginia) Thu, 26 Jul 2018 19:01:00 GMT Thu, 26 Jul 2018 19:01:00 GMT Studio C Photography Culpeper, Virginia: Blog 90 120 Culpeper High School Senior Photos Would you like a Senior photo session that fits your style?  Or something boring, that looks like all the other kids in school?

At Studio C Photography you have options to fit your style.  Did you know you have options?


My kids are all different, all went to Culpeper High Schools, and all had a primary goal.  Your goal may be to stay simple, get the perfect shot--fast, and make your Mom happy.  Canavan_Stephanie-9255-Edit-2Canavan_Stephanie-9255-Edit-2 You may want to try different outfits, settings, locations. friends, and save the best of the best in a keepsake book for Mom.  Baseball compBaseball comp  Perhaps you are 'okay with the photo thing;' but you have an issue with your hair or your skin today--we can fix that--which makes you and your Mom happy.  Either way, you are happy, so is your Mom, and you should have the best image!

Don't get stuck with the so-so.  Stop by and let's talk about what you want and need.  You are worth it and we all need to make Mom happy! Thumma-0704Thumma-0704©studiocphotography 2013

HS Seniors

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Summer Photos Want to take better summer pictures  this year?

Use your flash when you are outside in the bright sun.


Yes, you heard me.  If your subject has the sunlight on their face, they will be exposed properly but their eyes will be closed.  Instead, turn them around with their back to the sun and use the flash on your camera.  If you have the camera in auto mode, just click the flash to fill flash and it will do the work for you.  The flash will expose the now shadowed face and the sun will light the hair, shoulders, and background.  VPPA_senior-1070286-EditVPPA_senior-1070286-Edit

If you don't have a flash on your camera, try using bounced light.

This can be the light bouncing off the white sand, a white wall, or even a cardboard pizza box.  Remember, photography is all about painting with light.  So use it as needed.  

Tayman-5323Tayman-5323©studiocphotography 2014

For more photography help, come by Studio C Photography!

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High School Grads Being a certified professional photographer in Culpeper, I have met a lot of wonderful unique men and women in their journey from youth to young adult.

EV-665-EditStudioCPhotographyAug©2017EV-665-EditStudioCPhotographyAug©2017Studio C Photography 2017 To all those stepping out in the world, I wish you the best.

I wish you challenges to make you strong and the successes to allow you to enjoy the wins. 

I wish you quiet to make you think about yourself, your destination, and your roots. 

I wish you the wisdom to grow and change your course when necessary.  And lastly, I wish you to remember to call your Mom and ask how she is doing.  

We all want to live, love, and dance in our own way.  May you find joy on your journey.

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Is Mother's Day more than a card? Is Mother's Day more than a Sam and JSam and J

Oh wait, breakfast in bed or sleeping and then treated at a restaurant?

The card and phone call are always good if timed well.

The best idea for Mom is your time.  The other stuff is good too, but; a few moments of your time as you listen to her chat about her days are priceless--(and only you can give it!). 

You thought I would recommend the "family photo shoot" as the perfect thing to brighten her day?  Well it is great, -- if we have the right stuff.  The stuff is the love an emotions we share as relations.  I want that emotion in the photos.  That will make you smile when you see them later.  And if your mom says she is too old for pictures or silliness, just remind her you love her in all her glory just as she is today.   You know, I personally don't remember my Mom img227img227 as the young teenager or newlywed that turned my Dad's eyeThose are not my memories.  I remember her working hard to make things get by...coming back to the kitchen to sit with me as I had a late dinner... watching at the window when I got home too late.  Those are my memories that make me smile.

And don't forget Grand Mom...she taught me about different things like why you cut the ham before cooking or the value of respecting others.  Kayci_CW_Rd-2123Kayci_CW_Rd-2123 And--not to get sexist--there are a lot of Dad's out there doing double duty.  

So do I want all of you to call me to book Sunday?  No, I'm already booked.  I want you to  share some of your time with your Mom, have a sit, enjoy a beverage, and take a picture of the moment.  On Monday, print the picture and give a copy to your Mom.  You won't regret it unless you don't try.

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But he was cheaper...only $200! So you are getting married and you want that “princess” wedding with castles and white horses? –or, perhaps something small and intimate? Perhaps your family has traditions that you will carry on during your day? What about a Jimmy Buffet theme with colorful shirts, shorts, around the pool? On horseback?, underwater?, at the beach?, on the mountain top…? If you can think of it and it makes you smile you have a plan. Make sure you ask the people working for you if they can fit into that plan. Your photographer will be with you most of the day and their work will be what you use to relive those memories with your friends, family, and children. Currently, our packages start at $1250 for a Saturday wedding. The average is under $2000 but you have many options. We have been the photographer at the destination wedding that lasted 3 days as well as the small ceremony of 3 people. Let us help you capture your memories and put them to album, disc, screen, and music. Your consultation is free and if we can’t help you, we can suggest other options for you. Whether you are a romantic at heart or not, I would like the opportunity to talk with you! Check us the Bridal show at the State Theatre May 19, 2013. We have tickets so why not be our guest?! Tim Carlson But that wedding Photographer was much cheaper!

Okay, perhaps she was; but, what does that mean?  Cheaper in price, skills, or goods?  It is up to you to ask questions of your server, doctor, and yes...even photographer.  It is your money you are spending and more than that--your satisfaction on the line!

Two quick wedding photography stories:

  • An acquaintance of mine was trying to save money on his daughter's wedding.  After we chatted about time, experience, prints, and albums, he thanked me and left to get more quotes.  I did get a call thanking me for my time and he was going with another photographer.  Three months after the wedding he came back to lament his decision.  The other photographer was skilled and surprisingly cheaper than I was--he thought.  When the wedding was over, my friend was presented a bill--not for $200 for the event; but $200 per hour--a total of $2000!  Oh, and the proofs, prints, and albums were all extra.   His cheap guy ending up being 3 times higher.
  • Second story, I got a call last year to photograph a wedding in 3 days.  Sadly, we were already booked.  The Bride had hired a photographer from a popular website that lists people and services.  The deal was made, the photographer paid, and a week prior to the wedding--the phone calls were not returned.  The deal was not in writing, the photographer was a person with a camera not a professional business, and the Bride had no one to cover her wedding day and she was out her money.

I'm not trying to scare you.  Only, ask questions, use professionals, and read and sign contracts.  If things seem to cheap or high, ask why.  It is your day and your satisfaction that need to be protected.

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Art is visual So are these water pitchers or wine decanters? 

I do know they are hand-made pots from Tye River Pottery's master craftsman, Kevin Crowe. 

I was lucky to have the tour of his studio, kiln, and experience his art.  I'm sure some people will use these for a specific purpose; but, I most enjoy them visually.  Kevin's art makes me feel good.  An artist is not behind the camera, on the stage, or the potter's wheel just to make a buck.  They are there because they want to share their feelings and emotion with you, the viewer.

So, when I take a picture of you or your daughter, I want it to end up on your wall.  It should move you whenever you walk by and gaze into her moment.  Art lives forever in our hearts.

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Is your wedding day important? What do you want to remember about your wedding day?  Do you want traditional as well as candid's?  Do you want digitals to share as well as the album to hold in your hands?  Looking for a Virginia Wedding Photographer? StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-66856685StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-66856685

Contact Tim Carlson, CPP at Studio C Photography in downtown Culpeper for a free consult.  Your time is valuable and this is an investment in the perfect day!

I know this sounds like an advertisement--which it is; but, I want you to have the best that is available for your special day.

We have all made choices that seem right at the time...from the cheap alarm clock to the spicy nachos at 2 a.m. to the stylish shoes that are too tight!!  When it comes to the long-term decisions of what person to spend your life with and the style of your wedding day...those deserve an investment of an hour of your time to pick the right photographer for your day.   

I insist on a consultation with the couple before the wedding.  This allows us to ask those detailed questions, so we are properly prepared to capture those memories for the Bride and Groom.  What gear do we need, what challenges may the Bride and our crew face, what will the family need? If you only hire a person that makes nice pictures, they may not understand the obstacles they will face if rain forces inside photos, the venue requires insurance, how to add off-camera light with natural, or if key equipment suddenly fails.  

The consultation also is a nice way to see if the photographer fits your plan.  You may want a female photographer, someone brand new to the business, or someone with a specific style you must fit into.  The price is also a factor to consider.   The best photographer may charge $25,000 that is not in your budget.  If we ask for your business, you can say no.  (We also offer suggestions to professionals that may be a better fit.)

I also provide a custom album to all my brides, so they may enjoy those memories for years to come. The digital images we supply are perfect for the social options but a designed book with custom materials you can touch is an heirloom item your children's children will cherish.   CoversCovers


So, to all my Virginia friends getting married, feel free to call to talk about your wedding.  We serve Culpeper, Madison, Warrenton, and Orange as your premier wedding photography studio.  I have also been known to travel to weddings throughout Virginia and even other countries!  yesiamppalogo_redyesiamppalogo_redPPA Logo, Logo for PPA, Professional Photographers of America Logo, Photography Association, Photographers Association, See The Difference, See The Difference Campaign


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Photography class Need a little help with your photography?  Are your current shots good enough for your social wall but not your home wall?

Bring your questions to Studio C Photography on Wednesday afternoon at 5:30.  We will have a free class to help you get your best Easter shot this weekend!


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Premier Photography Culpeper Va 20180218-_DSC0265-Edit_low adPremier Photographer Culpeper Do you need Wedding photography, High School Senior photography, Business Head shots, Restoration photography, Artistic creations, or Passport photos?  Looking for a photographer in Culpeper?

--Perhaps a professional that is certified, trained, and tested with a studio location who has been in the photography business for over 25 years?

Come by the studio and meet me.  If I am not the right fit for you, I will send you to someone who will meet your needs.  That's what you want when all is done, right?  I want you to get the best value and love the images we make for you.  That is my goal.

I love the arts, theatre, travel, weddings, and the milestones in our lives--Births, Weddings, Romance, Graduates, and Families.  I started this business to help a friend and then a community.  I have trained in Wedding photography, High School Senior photography, Business Head shots, Restoration photography, Artistic creations, and even Passport photos.  I love to meet people and I have been working in Culpeper for over 25 years.  If you want a unique work of art, a great portrait, or just a perfect passport photo, come see me.  I'm right downtown on Main St! 

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High School Senior Photography When you are looking for High School Senior Photography, what should you ask?

Many of my clients come to me not knowing what to ask for or what to expect.  The school photographer has been taking pictures of your child for the last 11 years and you have been happy with the $15-$20 sheets of pictures.  Often, the conversation is one of shock at the prices that school photographer is charging in this 12th year of high school. 

First off, there is a difference in expectation, session duration, and retouching at this big milestone in their life.  I have High School Seniors request multiple sessions, wardrobe changes, location changes, and detailed retouching to bring out the person they have grown into.  Moms have ordered books, wall prints, canvases, keepsake boxes, and graduation cards.  We offer social media images with all of our work so the images can be shared if you choose.   Thumma-0704Thumma-0704©studiocphotography 2013

Don't settle for the mini session in the park with a disc of images.  You may not like the final images, the images may not be printable, the photographer may not be certified, and why should you have the trouble of printing in the first place?  We know what formats are available, their costs, styles, and their short-comings.  We have tried the labs and products and know which ones are not going to last in your home.  We do the work so you don't have to settle for poor quality, remakes, or bad color. Baseball compBaseball comp

So there is more to a senior session than the standard school picture day.  With all that in mind, let us know what you are interested in when complete.  The standard drape or tux shot with graduation cards is very quick and under $100.  Your value, in the art we create with your child, is enjoying it for years to come.  Those images are priceless! 

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Wedding photography IMG_0002bridal windowIMG_0002bridal windowIMG_0002bridal window Wedding photography is about light and emotion. 

When I started as a wedding photographer, the medium was film and the focus was manual.  That was my first lesson--to focus.

I was brought into the trade to look for the light in a setting, unload and refill cameras, haul the gear, and watch for 'the' moments.  The emotion in the moment was the link from the mechanics of the art to the emotional memories of "the shot!"  We had to capture the technical print while the emotion was at the peak.  Yeah, I'm an old romantic, but; your photographer is driven by their years of training and their passion.  What motivates them?  Ask about their insurance--but also their goal in capturing your wedding.  Check on their licensing--but also the feelings you get from their images.

Remember, anyone can point a camera and click.  You want a professional that knows when.

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Wedding style--Go with the Flow but are you insured Chapman-1552Chapman-1552©studiocphotography 2013 Go with the flow is the thought of many Brides on their wedding day!


When I started shooting weddings, we had short rolls of film, limited shots, manual focus, and manual exposure!   The Brides' mother or tradition called many of the shots and the setting was usually a church.  The local photography studio captured most of the Portrait and Wedding images.  The Monday after the wedding was the day the film went to the lab, Wednesday the prints came back, and by Friday the proofs were in the book ready for the Couple to return.  

Those days are gone!  Many brides today use social media to search for someone with a camera, lots of friends that like their work, and a discounted cost.  The wedding photographer today needs to be licensed, insured, certified, artistic, and fast on his feet.  Not to mention skilled in the digital arts--which is a layer of time and technical skills.   

I hear, "you are the professional...go with the flow and make me beautiful!"  Couples today that want to rely on the professionalism of their photographer, please make sure they are qualified.  Ask about training and certification not just their new camera.  Ask about their studio or office so you can be confidence to get your prints.  Ask about their license and insurance for your peace of mind and the liability issue your location venue requires.  Look at their wedding work and Bridal albums not just the social likes.  Talk about your wedding day, location, timing, and potential problems that may arise--and the solutions!

Remember, just like the dress maker, chef, and jeweler, you need to have someone qualified to give you great memories in print and security in the running of your day. 


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Wedding Photography Culpeper StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-65686568StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-65686568Studio C Photography Wedding Photography in Virginia is ever changing.

Make sure your photographer insists on a pre-wedding day conference.  It takes a little time, but you will reap the benefit.


Being a wedding photographer in Culpeper Virginia--

-- Chapman-1517Chapman-1517©studiocphotography 2013 has given me great satisfaction and quite a few stories.  When I started shooting weddings in Richmond Virginia, I usually met with the Bride and her mother to talk about the details a year in advance of "the day."  The Bridal Portrait was one of the feature items.  The ceremonies were usually in a Church with the reception following at various locations.  Today, the ceremonies are held in many different locals and often the Bride is booking only a month before the day!  The stories I mentioned earlier mostly come from quick planning with too little details. 

We offer a planning session as part of our wedding service.  We meet and discuss your day, locations, timing of events within, albums, specials, and surprises.  We look at all the details and consider emotions, weather, dresses, flowers, travel time, family, and the special list of images the couple want to have that is unique to them.  Everyone today is very busy, but; please make time to invest in yourselves and use the conference time.  Your dream of the perfect day needs to be shared with your photographer, so you will have those memories to share with your grandkids!!

(As always, ask questions, hire a Certified Professional, and use a contract you have read.) 

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Heirloom_Wedding_Book Wedding photography is about emotion and your day...create heirloom books! 




If your photographer is not Certified and offering a heirloom book, call us at Studio C Photography!  We offer both to all our brides.


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Your special wedding day Perfect wedding day memories!

WeddingBookWeddingBookYour special wedding day memories













As I meet with brides to discuss their wedding day and how we can capture those moments, I hear recurring stories of what happened to the sister, friend, or neighbor.  Please, please when you are booking an event, ask questions of your vendors.  Are they insured and licensed?  Are they a registered business?  Do they have a history, a store front, training? What is their style? 

This is your day--the day you want to be as perfect as possible.  Make sure you have the best you can afford.  And consider, the person on craigslist or the friend who wants to help, may not be the cheapest in the end.  The products they offer may not be what you want.  They may be slow in delivery or not show up at all.  Hire a pro and they will give you a quality product so you can relax and enjoy the moment.  (They also have great recommendations of other vendors who do great work!)


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Make your walls talk! PIPP_logos_variations_keyline-black-make your walls talkPIPP_logos_variations_keyline-black-make your walls talk



What do you see when you walk into your space? Clutter, perfection, the dog,...?  We are all as different as are our spaces.  I have seen garages that are neater than a hospital and some executive offices piled high with papers and more papers.  In all our spaces, I look for the reasons...those unique somethings that makes that person special.

So what ever your space is...make sure you bring that something along.  Make your walls talk.  Add that print of you hiking, the photo of you and your dad, the print of the kids playing at the beach, the photo of you and your buddy at the Gumbo-cook off, the shot of your wife sipping on her morning coffee.  These are the reasons we do what we do.  Embrace the uniqueness of you.  We are not perfect and certainly not the same; but, that is what is great about you.  Not everyone wants to skydive or win the Gumbo cook-off. Print what is you!  PIPP_logos_variations_keyline-black-lasting memoriesPIPP_logos_variations_keyline-black-lasting memories





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Headshot--Theatrical or Commercial...same?  

One of my favorite jobs to produce in the Studio is a Headshot.  Having one foot in the Business world an one in the Acting world, I want to point out a difference to consider and why they may not be interchangeable. 

The commercial headshot is selling a trustworthy product.  Perhaps you are an investment banker, realtor, or business CEO.  The headshot will portray you and the business to your clients.  You may need "that" jacket or certain lapel pin to round out the image.

The theatrical headshot should show more layers of your personality.  While you are "selling" yourself, it is important to have an identifiable personality type with some emotional depth.  The honesty of the photo is the driving factor and the image may or may not be trustworthy.

Do we need both...perhaps?  Choose the right photographer to ask the right questions and settle on the product you need.

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Snow photos too dark? DSCF5103DSCF5103DSCF5103 It's that time of the year for some fun in the snow!  It may be on the slopes, in the back yard, or the traditional Hallmark snow-ball fight.  Now your camera wants to make everything look properly exposed. It thinks the best way to do that is to pick the middle brightness and make that grey.  The problem is you want the snow to be bright white, not dirty grey.  The solution...use your exposure compensation to open the lens up 1-1.5 stops.  DSCF5242DSCF5242DSCF5242

Okay, I lost a few of you--don't worry.  The camera sees all the light bouncing off the snow and wants to make the photo quickly--thus the grey snow.  If you see that and your camera has an exposure compensation adjustment, use that to manually add in +1 stop of time.  This gives the camera a little more time, and thus light, to make the photo and the snow becomes whiter.  

Also, don't be afraid to use your flash outside on those bright snow days.  If your subject is near the snow's bright service their face may look perfect.  If you have them in a shadow, turned away from the bright snow, or the day is cloudy, use the flash to "fill-in" the face for a printable image! DSCF5239DSCF5239DSCF5239


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Brides and Wedding Dates HawkinsChernay-7210HawkinsChernay-7210 RHHF-148RHHF-148

Happy New year !  IT seems like a lot of couples got engaged this past Christmas.  We are booking into 2019!!  Make sure you call or stop by the Studio to lock in your date.  This is one day you don't want to worry about. 

We have been photographing couples for over 20 years.  We bring the best expertise, crew, and of course a PPA registered CPP to handle the photography.  The consultation only takes a few moments and we are always here for you! StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-66856685StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-66856685 QandA-6424-EditQandA-6424-EditStudio C Photography StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-65686568StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-65686568Studio C Photography

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Do we need beauty? VPPA-7855VPPA-7855©studiocphotography 2014

Do we need beauty?  Before I answer that, what is beauty?  I have gotten myself in more trouble with a sincere compliment of "that is beautiful!", only to have a fight on my hands.  Was there an implied insinuation that I meant the opposite and was poking fun?  Was there an ulterior motive? Was I just crazy to think of my subject as beautiful--anchovy pizza? Do we think beauty or feel it?  Do we need make up, the perfect hair, teeth, and clothing?

Science has a literal definition-- but I go more with the feeling idea.  I experience beauty when I am drawn to something that makes me feel.  It produces a feeling in me that was not there a moment before.  The experience demands the compliment.  It can be symmetry in a face, photo, or room design.  It can be an arrangement of musical notes that draws my soul into another place.  It can be lights and shadows in an image that leads the viewer to the subject.  It can be the tenacity of a person learning a task as they try and try again.  It can be the spouse, smiling as they look at the person they married all those years ago.  But I am moved by beauty and yes, I think we need beauty. Grannie's Santa01620171226-Grannie's Santa01620171226-Grannie's Santa01620171226-

At least for me, being moved by beauty can be small things--the dawn of a new day, the smile I get when I walk by someone, or the moment of quiet when you relax into your thoughts.  As a photographer, it can be the unique image I can only get from you, at that perfect moment, with that perfect expression, with your face.  Now, if we are casting a commercial or stage production, we might need the perfect (_______), to fill the role of beautiful.  But, we do need beauty in our lives to make them rich.  And the beauty you provide may be in the work you do to power your family or the way you make someone feel with your perfect, beautiful, quirky, smiling you. 

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