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     People ask about the life of a photographer...and they want to hear about our stories.  The crazy things that happen to us on our shoots.  I think this predates reality TV but we love our drama!   Still, these stories are useful bits of information that our nervous--mom, bride, realtor, senior--can have confidence in our experience to do the job!  We ask a lot of questions to give us the information to suggest locations, times, props, and help you celebrate your moment.  We are also looking for the snares and traps so we can avoid the problem before it happens.        DSC_5471DSC_5471

     Personally, I love the emotion and drama in a moment.  That can be excitement, caution, tears, longing or satisfaction.  Our job is to capture that moment for you so you can enjoy and relive the celebration through our art.  So,... when we are asking questions, be forthcoming and help us understand.  Do you need a formal shot or casual...will you be hanging our art and need a certain size...will we be shooting for a we have a time limit?   During the event,  you should be celebrating the moment that is happening.  That is the time we are on stage with you filming, shooting, and capturing the celebration.  

     When we hire someone to model in a shoot, we tell them where to stand, where to look and we light the scene according to our desires.  When you hire us to shoot your event, we need to understand your desires because the celebration is about you. your wedding, your new baby, your new job, your moment.  Let us help you celebrate your moment!  


Timothy Carlson

Studio C Photography


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