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The best gift ever!

November 10, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Over the years I have gotten many unique and thoughtful gifts at Christmas time.   One of the best, if not the best, was from my sister.  She found some old photos my unsentimental Dad was throwing away.  His comment was, "no one has looked at these photos in 30 years."  That's because we didn't know they were there!  She had some restored, some copied, and I have a precious collage on my wall I look at every day!

So my suggestion for you is this--share the memories.  

  • History: Pull out the old photos and have your grandfather or uncle talk about the life around those images.  What was the smells, sounds, and feelings he remembers.  
  • Present: High schoolers--things are changing rapidly for you right now.  Take a photo of yourself, that your grandmother would like, print it and put it in a simple frame.  That will be a gift she remembers and can really use!
  • Future: New moms--why not print a fun set of kid pictures in a little book.  They are not expensive, the books can be duplicated for various family members, and they can be from a photo shoot in the studio, the park, or soccer field.  

​Remember your memories are your own and special to you.  The time spend creating or reliving a memory can't be bought, doesn't need to be returned, and is guaranteed to fit!


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