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The "Perfect" smile

August 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

'Smile for the camera!'...'Say cheese!'  We have all heard those words.  Or, 'Why did you ruin the picture with that stupid smile?'  Oh boy, someone is not happy!  What we should consider-- is the image we want to collect.  

  • A photo bomb can be a funny outtake for the party; but, the photographer might want to catch an image without the surprises.  
  • A poised image may be the best choice for the entrance to the drawing room of the main estate.
  • The casual humor shared by siblings will give an image life and value for years to come.
  • A simple smile from a child is priceless in many ways.
  • A business shot needs to sell your image to your customers.
  • The theatre head shot needs to grab attention.
  • A sultry image may have no smile at all--but be full of warmth and happiness.

So, let's think about what we do....   You want an image to fulfill your life.  I want to make your family, friends, and business colleagues happy.  Don't forget to communicate to your photographer so they will understand your needs.


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