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What are memories worth to you?

October 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

As the Holidays roll around again, the photography business starts to get busier.  Folks want a cute shot for their Christmas cards, or maybe they want professional photos of their business Christmas party.  Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, families and friends spend more time together.  It is the perfect time to grab a photographer and document a gathering of the ones we love.  Sure, you can always snap a “selfie” with your phone, but will you ever print that selfie?  Will you ever frame prints to share with those in it, or those unable to be there?  

These days of instant gratification spill over into photography in a huge way.  We snap pictures of everything and everyone.  But people seldom do anything with their hundreds (thousands) of digital images other than store them in a computer or phone, occasionally scrolling through to show someone.  But what happens when the computer crashes for the last time or technology changes everything over to even tinier chips and our techno devices don’t speak to each other anymore?  Will all those memories be lost?  Perhaps. 

As far as we have come technologically, there is nothing that can beat an actual paper print or canvas for longevity.    Isn’t a great shot of your family worth the effort and investment to make a hard copy? Wouldn’t it be lovely for your great grandchildren to come across “old family photos” stacked in a drawer, kindly labeled and dated by you, instead of them wishing they knew what those little plastic discs and sticks were?  (Remember the 8-track tapes…?)

October and November are the perfect time to schedule a studio session for your family.  Or maybe you’d prefer a location sitting at your home or a beautiful spot outdoors.  Wherever, don’t miss an opportunity, while your family is together, to capture that feeling and those faces.  Then, get prints for yourself and some to share.  Your descendents will thank you in their hearts for generations to come.


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