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What is the goal of your art?

March 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I had a discussion with a colleague about 'Portrait Art" during the judging phase of a Photography competition.  The topic revolved around the image's impact and the emotion the piece brings to the viewer.  For a photographic piece to rate highly in competition, it helps to have the judges emotionally affected.  There are many facets to this equation which include lighting, composition, and even the title. 


      As a photographer/artist, I want all my images to be A+, award-winning, stellar treasures for someone's wall.  However, the question I always ask is, "what is the final goal?"  What is the images' intent?  Should it show the passion of your father's hobby? 

untitled-0722untitled-0722©studiocphotography 2014



Perhaps the dedication of a dancer stretching will move you. 

DSC_9039-1208DSC_9039-1208Carlson Images








An actor may want a head shot that is strong yet casual.  DSCF5290DSCF5290©studiocphotography 2014 It could be the love of a grandfather for his grandchild.  

DSC_3437 copyDSC_3437 copy©studiocphotography 2014





The truth is the image you need may not win technical awards and that is okay.  A silly picture of my family will mean more to me and less to a judge. 


      So what can you take from my discussion?

  • A technical award winning image may not be the memory you want to keep.  
  • Your simple perfect image may still take some planning and effort.  
  • If that memory is a perfect cohesive family photo over the fireplace, our directions may seem  different than yours--but our goal is your beautiful image. 
  • Your photo on your business page should be different than the one on your husband's nightstand.
  • And when we capture that emotion that lets you relive the priceless memory, we have an award-winning image--for you.



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