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Can I save money with an amateur vs. a Professional Photographer?

April 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."-Red Adair


Just the other day, I picked up a 'bridal section' from a local paper. There was an article on the DIY wedding plan.  The suggestions included the borrowed dress, homemade cake, donated music, a friend doing the photography or using disposable cameras on the tables.  I love to learn and try new things; but, on the wedding day you should have trained professionals ready to do their jobs in the ways you expect. 

Three quick stories:

  • Uncle Bob volunteered to shoot his niece's wedding.  He pulled out his old twin lens camera, bought fresh film and flash bulbs--I did mention OLD camera--and proceeded to run all over the church popping flashes, burning his hands and dropping the used bulbs as the minister attempted to refocus our attention to the couple.  He constantly asked what other photos they wanted captured.  In the end, he was very distracting to the congregation and distracted as a photographer...he forgot to remove the lens cap from the twin lens and the couple ended up with no photos and a problem in the family dynamics.
  • Susie was a competent amateur photographer and friend to the Bride. She offered to save the couple money by being the "hired pro."  The day of the wedding her only camera would not function so she borrowed a pro camera from her neighbor.  Assuming the very expensive camera would give her stellar images, she shot hundreds of images with the wrong settings and the Bride/friend received only 20 underexposed images of her wedding day.
  • Karen was getting married and hired a new photographer--just starting out.  The photographer offered to shoot the wedding and give all the images to the couple!!  The day of the wedding the photographer arrived in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and high top tennis shoes.  The day after the wedding, the bride received 2 Discs with 8000 high resolution un-retouched images that were in a format she could not open.  Once she paid another photographer to convert her files--(the first one didn't have a studio and did not return calls), she still had 8000 un-retouched images to go through and try to build a wedding album.

If I may, please consider the money you save with a trained professional.  A professional wedding photographer will provide great images of your special day no matter what surprises may arise.  They have training, experience, and the tools to handle a variety of situations.  Those beautiful memories of your dress, flowers, family,friends, and food will live forever in your photos.   


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