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Window to your soul project.

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The eyes are the window to the soul--so they say.  I am working on a 'soul' project.  I am compiling photos of volunteers to use in a publication, book or photo-story collection.  The images will be mostly head shots, in black and white with the expression telling a story. (I assume this will involve mostly faces; but, a dancer may want to use their feet.)

I need volunteers to show me their best emotion in a simple shot, or two, that will illustrate a personal feeling or mood.  The images may be cropped to only the eyes, profile, or what can best tell the story.  If you want to help, call me.  I need you, for a few minutes, I need your consent--(little guys under 18 will need their parent to sign,) and I need some feeling/emotion you want captured.  The total time you give will be no more than 10 minutes and most of that will be signing your name!  
What's in it for you?  I will give you an 8x10 of your image, my thanks, AND you can have that sweet, fussy, sultry, mischievous--face, eyes, fists, feet-- be a testament to art.  Please give me a call at the Studio so we can set up your shot.  This is always fun, simple and quick.  Who knows, your image may win a blue ribbon award!
Tim Carlson, CPP
Studio C Photography



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