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Beauty--that force that moves me

January 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

cpc wed-8251-973-2cpc wed-8251-973-2       Being a photographer, I am always looking at people, faces, smiles, toes, fabrics, light, colors--trying to figure out what made me look.  I am most often misunderstood right after I say, "you are beautiful or that is beautiful!"   What made me stop?  What makes me stop and you walk by?  We are moved and inspired by sensational input.  

      There are arguments about symmetry and bone structure that are meaningful to the current time.   Still, an image of an elderly grandmother can make me feel the beauty in her aged weathered face and the experiences she offers.  At the same time, she may notice only a vision of age and gravity that were not there in her youth.  I don't want to dismiss her feeling; but, she did make me stop and smile.  The smile comes from that feeling I have inside that moves me.   RHHF-148RHHF-148

     Many of my favorite captured images do not have a smile.  Their expression lives forever on canvas--moving me each time I enter the room.  They are perfect, mesmerizing, and beautiful.  You don't need to be a little taller, a little lighter, or a little younger to have beauty.  And if you ever feel less than the most beautiful person you are...go home, open the door, and look into the eyes of your family dog.  They understand the beauty of you and how it make them feel.


Tim Carlson, CPP


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