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Walnut table for 6...$39.95

March 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Hi guys,

This is a quickie that I hope you will appreciate.  I just had a friend call me with a funny story.  She and her husband were looking for a dining room table.  They had been shopping, pricing, and they wanted wood, well made--something that would last.  You can imagine the prices considered--$500-$5000.  

While online, she found a retired craftsman making walnut dining tables seating 4 and 6 for under $50!!  She knew this must be a typo but for grins, she sent him an email.  Seems he likes to work with good wood and needed to stay busy so the money was not the focus.  In truth, he said, "I just need to be productive and I love making quality items that people can treasure."  The images he sent were beautiful and the testimonials were stellar.  So she went for the  table and 6 chairs, paid the fee, and got a delivery date of 6 weeks.  

Last week, UPS delivered a small box--about twice the size of a shoe box.  Inside the box was a beautiful handmade walnut table with 6 chairs.  After waiting so long and anticipating the freight delivery, my friend was angered at the deception.  Until, she researched the man and found he was a premier Doll House designer.  She did get exactly what she requested.  

So, ask the right question. Listen to what your vendors are saying.  Don't assume!  And if the price is way too low, perhaps there is a reason.



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