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Smiling eyes

January 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I just saw a Facebook friend celebrating the engagement of her best friend.  My first thought should have been to rush a wedding brochure out to them.  Surely my FB friend will be the maid of honor and would put in a good word for me.  Or perhaps, a big shout from my website...a call to action....  That's what I should have done; but, the artist in me just saw their smiles and their eyes.   And you know, that's what it is all about.  Not the rush to a business deal but the emotion in the heart.  

When we are moved by a moment--and lucky enough to have it captured on canvas or in a small frame--it brings us joy each time we see those eyes or that smile.   Those memories take us back in time.  To that moment or one like it.  

Do you remember the smell of your father or grandfather's aftershave?  Or the smell of fresh laundry dried outside on a summer's day.? I can't reproduce the smells but I hope to bring you back in time with an image.  All I need is your smiling eyes. RHHF-148RHHF-148


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