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Can everyone see my images?

November 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Good morning Culpeper, StudioCPhotography-DSCF5541PP-StudioCPhotography-DSCF5541PP-


I was just reminded of why friends may "be there for you in a pinch" but may not be the best to handle a professional job.  It seems a wife had her girlfriend take some boudoir photos for her as a gift to her husband.  The wife liked the images as did her husband.  However, the amateur photographer's husband got to see the photos as well and then he shared them with his buddies online.  I dare say, the photographer's husband may not know he broke any laws.   Lots of legal, moral, and trust issues broken here.   I wish these things could be wiped away, but they often are a permanent stain.


A part of my Certified Training was the legal and ethics of my business.  We quite often handle sensitive issues including new products, children, business, and even boudoir sessions.  Most likely, you will not see my latest session on social media and they may not be visible our website either.  The point is to work with professionals, ask questions, and use contracts.  The price you pay may be a little higher, but you are buying the expertise and the assurance you are dealing with a "Professional." yesiamppalogo_redyesiamppalogo_redPPA Logo, Logo for PPA, Professional Photographers of America Logo, Photography Association, Photographers Association, See The Difference, See The Difference Campaign


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