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Manual for snow

March 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A friend of mine was complaining her snow photos were dark and dreary.  She bought a "nice" camera and even in the Auto Program mode she is retouching and brightening all the images.  Well, we had some snow today and she reached out again so we had a practical experiment. Snow-P11408881140888Snow-P11408881140888 Snow-P11408951140895Snow-P11408951140895CAMERA Manual 1 stop over


First off, when you are using the camera's internal meter, you are registering the light coming off your subject.  When I use a hand held meter, I am reading the light falling on the subject.  The camera meter wants to make the reflective light value equal a nice 18% grey color.  So, anything white will come out grey--if the camera has its way.  You could invest in a nice meter or as a quick trick--use the camera meter and then over expose.


The first image is a straight camera Program shot.  We recorded the values the camera chose-- F3.2 1/4000, switched the camera to Manual mode, put the camera's values back in--F3.2 1/4000 and then changed the Shutter speed to 1/2000 and took the second shot.  We did it again at F3.2 1/1000 of a second for the third shot.  By doing this, we told the camera to keep the shutter open longer which will make the image whiter. Snow-P11408961140896Snow-P11408961140896


So, if you want to control the white's of the snow, bride's dress, cake, beach sand,...take your reading, record it, copy it, and then adjust to your liking.


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