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March 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

As artists and business people, we should strive for excellence and ethical practices in our work. Not everyone wants to go the distance and that, unfortunately, reflects on the rest of us.


Case in point, a recent client asked me to print another photographer's work. It seems she hired someone to do a boudoir session that was a "great price." The $400 session included a rented room, 2 bottles of wine, and printing rights to the images. The photographer did not even offer prints or albums of the work. Since the room was rented, room clean up and furniture resetting would be left to housekeeping staff. The images were on a disc but my client could not open the images from the RAW format the photographer supplied. When the images were copied to JPEG my client still could not get them printed at the drug store. Hence she came to me. Her photographer had never given her a usage license for printing or receipt. Once everything was resolved, the images sorted, cropped and retouched, and a few printed for the intended gift, I have a new satisfied client.


My point, however, is how many people would just give up--pointing to the questionable photographer? Or be too embarrassed to do anything? How many innkeepers would see the cameras and lights and remember the trashy expense of the last photographer's session? To fellow professionals, keep up your good work, act professionally, and demand others treat you accordingly. PPA and VPPA offer wonderful training and support to all types of Photographic Artists. The proper portfolio and business approach is a great introduction to potential partners and clients.

I am sure there are those who will still see our craft as meaningless; but, just remember the lives we touch when we do our job well.


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