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Don't forget to ask!

May 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Good day friends.

A wife asks her husband to hang a new mirror on the bedroom wall.  Being the good husband, he grabs his tools, and hangs the mirror before going to work.  The wife calls her hubby and asks him to rehang the mirror when he gets home.   You see, the husband was over 6' tall and the wife was closer to 5'2".  Did the husband do what was asked of him?  Yes.  Was his wife happy?  No.  The husband put the mirror at his eye-level.   Opps!


Funny stories like this are told every day.  When it is a big party, wedding, special celebration, business event--make sure things go as planned.  Ask your photographer if they are board certified and trained in the style of work you are requesting.  Ask if they have insurance.   Do they have a contract with the correct times, locations, and dates?  Do they have backup equipment with them in case a lens, flash, or camera, stops working during the event? 


If you are the photographer, your client should be asking these questions.  But just like my story, the wife didn't know she needed to ask if he would put the mirror at her level.  No one wants a sad story after the event. Ask the questions--even the silly ones--and be assured you will only have good memories.


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