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Hobby or business?

May 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

WeddingBookWeddingBook Pros--they seem to be different.  When I am at the gym, they stand out by their abilities and their dedication.  When at the garage, they have tools and training that make the job look so easy.  And a trained builder can construct a beautiful house that is straight, true, level, and lasts for years to come.  And of course, we want our pilots, doctors, and military to be the best because their job is important.  They have to be able to do the job, no matter what, and then do it again.

So, on special occasions--births, wedding, graduations, reunions...don't rely on your cell phone or the new skills of someone with a cool camera that wants to help.  Hire a professional.  Someone who can anticipate and adapt to changes and surprises.  They will be there to deliver your work, answer questions, and help you in the future.  For them, it more than a hobby.  

Go to and search for what you need and where you need them.  And remember, during your search you can specify Certified Professional Photographers only.  They have been through extensive training and testing so you can be sure to get a professional! 


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