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Culpeper's Downtown Artists

August 05, 2017  •  1 Comment

Have you seen Downtown Culpeper?  Last night we had a new artist enjoy a festive crowd at their ribbon cutting.  The Sweets were there, the Chamber was there, the spirit was there, and the people came.  We had bottled water, brownie samples, microphones, and traffic control.  So what does this have to do with photography?  Well I was there with a few photographers as well but the artistic planning was there before we came to wish them well.

When you plan an event--party, wedding, appointment, whatever--you need to ask, "what do we wish to accomplish?"  I look for a skilled attorney to handle my legal needs and a different skilled Pro to take care of my car.  So please ask questions before you dive into something you may not fully understand.  Did you know a cupcake will cook different than a thicker cake?  Did you know the accent lighting needed for someone with dark hair is different for someone who is fair?  The folks from Seriously Sweet took a lot of time to plan their ribbon cutting last night.  The planning of a street event or the baking of 1200 cupcakes for a Bride's wedding takes some Seriously Sweet artistic talent as well as serious business planning.  

I don't know what expertise you have, but I pray you will enjoy the skills of the small business people who are eager to work for you.  And if you enjoy you favorite...stylist, deli-lady, cheese expert, photographer, them and tell others. Some people have not had the pleasure to work with an artist or to visit Culpeper's famous Downtown.


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