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It's Friday!

September 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Good day and welcome to your weekend!

We all look towards the weekend for that wonderful break in the stress and moments to recharge.  On that note, let's keep a watchful eye out for all the people who work the weekends.  For them, your pleasure may be their daily bread.  Their stress may be high when you are trying to relax.  If you can, keep them in mind and let them do their job.   RHHF-134_peRHHF-134_pe

Now I ask, why wait for the weekend to have fun?  Try to find the pleasure in your daily tasks.  The quiet on the drive to work can help you focus.  The time we have with our spouses--doing the run of the mill tasks--are not to be wasted.  And the "healthy" food and trips to the gym are there to give us long life.  Sure, we know all these things but let us take a minute and think...not everyone has a job, a spouse, a gym, or even food to take for granted. Don't wait for the perfect time to dance.  Look for the music, fill your spirit, and enjoy this moment you have.  The upcoming moment is all there is.  Take time to build a dream and reach for it.   trout-P11409691140969-EditStudioCPhotography┬ę2017trout-P11409691140969-EditStudioCPhotography©2017

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