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Is your wedding day important?

March 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

What do you want to remember about your wedding day?  Do you want traditional as well as candid's?  Do you want digitals to share as well as the album to hold in your hands?  Looking for a Virginia Wedding Photographer? StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-66856685StudioCPhotography_©2016QandA-66856685

Contact Tim Carlson, CPP at Studio C Photography in downtown Culpeper for a free consult.  Your time is valuable and this is an investment in the perfect day!

I know this sounds like an advertisement--which it is; but, I want you to have the best that is available for your special day.

We have all made choices that seem right at the time...from the cheap alarm clock to the spicy nachos at 2 a.m. to the stylish shoes that are too tight!!  When it comes to the long-term decisions of what person to spend your life with and the style of your wedding day...those deserve an investment of an hour of your time to pick the right photographer for your day.   

I insist on a consultation with the couple before the wedding.  This allows us to ask those detailed questions, so we are properly prepared to capture those memories for the Bride and Groom.  What gear do we need, what challenges may the Bride and our crew face, what will the family need? If you only hire a person that makes nice pictures, they may not understand the obstacles they will face if rain forces inside photos, the venue requires insurance, how to add off-camera light with natural, or if key equipment suddenly fails.  

The consultation also is a nice way to see if the photographer fits your plan.  You may want a female photographer, someone brand new to the business, or someone with a specific style you must fit into.  The price is also a factor to consider.   The best photographer may charge $25,000 that is not in your budget.  If we ask for your business, you can say no.  (We also offer suggestions to professionals that may be a better fit.)

I also provide a custom album to all my brides, so they may enjoy those memories for years to come. The digital images we supply are perfect for the social options but a designed book with custom materials you can touch is an heirloom item your children's children will cherish.   CoversCovers


So, to all my Virginia friends getting married, feel free to call to talk about your wedding.  We serve Culpeper, Madison, Warrenton, and Orange as your premier wedding photography studio.  I have also been known to travel to weddings throughout Virginia and even other countries!  yesiamppalogo_redyesiamppalogo_redPPA Logo, Logo for PPA, Professional Photographers of America Logo, Photography Association, Photographers Association, See The Difference, See The Difference Campaign



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