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Art is visual

April 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

So are these water pitchers or wine decanters? 

I do know they are hand-made pots from Tye River Pottery's master craftsman, Kevin Crowe. 

I was lucky to have the tour of his studio, kiln, and experience his art.  I'm sure some people will use these for a specific purpose; but, I most enjoy them visually.  Kevin's art makes me feel good.  An artist is not behind the camera, on the stage, or the potter's wheel just to make a buck.  They are there because they want to share their feelings and emotion with you, the viewer.

So, when I take a picture of you or your daughter, I want it to end up on your wall.  It should move you whenever you walk by and gaze into her moment.  Art lives forever in our hearts.


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