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But he was cheaper...only $200!

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So you are getting married and you want that “princess” wedding with castles and white horses? –or, perhaps something small and intimate? Perhaps your family has traditions that you will carry on during your day? What about a Jimmy Buffet theme with colorful shirts, shorts, around the pool? On horseback?, underwater?, at the beach?, on the mountain top…? If you can think of it and it makes you smile you have a plan. Make sure you ask the people working for you if they can fit into that plan. Your photographer will be with you most of the day and their work will be what you use to relive those memories with your friends, family, and children. Currently, our packages start at $1250 for a Saturday wedding. The average is under $2000 but you have many options. We have been the photographer at the destination wedding that lasted 3 days as well as the small ceremony of 3 people. Let us help you capture your memories and put them to album, disc, screen, and music. Your consultation is free and if we can’t help you, we can suggest other options for you. Whether you are a romantic at heart or not, I would like the opportunity to talk with you! Check us the Bridal show at the State Theatre May 19, 2013. We have tickets so why not be our guest?! Tim Carlson But that wedding Photographer was much cheaper!

Okay, perhaps she was; but, what does that mean?  Cheaper in price, skills, or goods?  It is up to you to ask questions of your server, doctor, and yes...even photographer.  It is your money you are spending and more than that--your satisfaction on the line!

Two quick wedding photography stories:

  • An acquaintance of mine was trying to save money on his daughter's wedding.  After we chatted about time, experience, prints, and albums, he thanked me and left to get more quotes.  I did get a call thanking me for my time and he was going with another photographer.  Three months after the wedding he came back to lament his decision.  The other photographer was skilled and surprisingly cheaper than I was--he thought.  When the wedding was over, my friend was presented a bill--not for $200 for the event; but $200 per hour--a total of $2000!  Oh, and the proofs, prints, and albums were all extra.   His cheap guy ending up being 3 times higher.
  • Second story, I got a call last year to photograph a wedding in 3 days.  Sadly, we were already booked.  The Bride had hired a photographer from a popular website that lists people and services.  The deal was made, the photographer paid, and a week prior to the wedding--the phone calls were not returned.  The deal was not in writing, the photographer was a person with a camera not a professional business, and the Bride had no one to cover her wedding day and she was out her money.

I'm not trying to scare you.  Only, ask questions, use professionals, and read and sign contracts.  If things seem to cheap or high, ask why.  It is your day and your satisfaction that need to be protected.


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