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Is Mother's Day more than a card?

May 09, 2018  •  1 Comment

Is Mother's Day more than a Sam and JSam and J

Oh wait, breakfast in bed or sleeping and then treated at a restaurant?

The card and phone call are always good if timed well.

The best idea for Mom is your time.  The other stuff is good too, but; a few moments of your time as you listen to her chat about her days are priceless--(and only you can give it!). 

You thought I would recommend the "family photo shoot" as the perfect thing to brighten her day?  Well it is great, -- if we have the right stuff.  The stuff is the love an emotions we share as relations.  I want that emotion in the photos.  That will make you smile when you see them later.  And if your mom says she is too old for pictures or silliness, just remind her you love her in all her glory just as she is today.   You know, I personally don't remember my Mom img227img227 as the young teenager or newlywed that turned my Dad's eyeThose are not my memories.  I remember her working hard to make things get by...coming back to the kitchen to sit with me as I had a late dinner... watching at the window when I got home too late.  Those are my memories that make me smile.

And don't forget Grand Mom...she taught me about different things like why you cut the ham before cooking or the value of respecting others.  Kayci_CW_Rd-2123Kayci_CW_Rd-2123 And--not to get sexist--there are a lot of Dad's out there doing double duty.  

So do I want all of you to call me to book Sunday?  No, I'm already booked.  I want you to  share some of your time with your Mom, have a sit, enjoy a beverage, and take a picture of the moment.  On Monday, print the picture and give a copy to your Mom.  You won't regret it unless you don't try.


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