Studio C Photography Culpeper, Virginia | Seniors, What to bring?


What to bring…?

·         Clothing

v  Feel free to bring a variety of outfits!  We may suggest a certain color to match a setting or style.  You may only use a few… but having options while shooting is a good thing!

v  Style—needs to reflect who you are.  However, you may need to please Grandparents, girls, guys, and possibly strangers.  So, think along three options…

>  Trendy outfits…the things that are fashion today may be horrible next year!

>  Casual outfits…jeans and a long sleeves are classic and can be dressed up or down.

>  Elegant… we have drapes and tuxedos to give you that extra something.

·         Colors

>  Black and white—Black can flatter and white will make other colors in your portrait sparkle

>  Mid to dark tones work  well outside to unify the portrait.

·         Accessories


>  Makeup and brush

>  High heels with a dress!

 >Colorful scarf

>  Jewelry—ear rings, class rings, family pearls

> Hobbies--Musical instrument, sports item, favorite books, pet

> Nylons—give your legs some tan and tone


> Jewelry—class ring, watch

> Sports item—golf club, LAX stick, football gear

> Hobbies--Medals, trophies, things that makes you smile!


·         Light color underwear looks better under light color clothing

·         Dark sock blend with the dark pants.

·         Comfortable shorts or sweats will be easier in your portraits and they won’t be seen!


·         You are the star of the show.   We need to showcase you and the things you love.   If you love music, sports, books, let’s add that to enhance your image.   We are here to make you look your best.      If you have any concerns, please talk to us.